This course is designed to make you a versatile guitarist – proficient in playing lead and rhythm guitar in various rock and pop styles. Our guitar lessons are progressively structured around three areas of training.

Basic Techniques. 

  • Proper posture, left hand, right hand alignment and tension.
  • Basic chords, power chords, bar chords and jazz chords.
  • Simple approach to great strumming.
  • Pick and finger techniques. Vibrato, string bending, pull-offs, slide and hammer-ons.

Music Reading, Theory and Ear Training. 

  • Note reading and tablature.
  • Listening for tonality, scales and chord progressions in songs.
  • Playing and identifying rhythm patterns of various musical styles.
  • Creating riffs based on scales and chord progressions.

Playing Cover Songs including:

  • Money – Pink Floyd ( Rock ).
  • Paranoid – Ozzie Osbourne ( Rock ).
  • Layla – Eric Clapton ( Blues/Rock ).
  • Nothing Else Matters – Metallica (Finger Picking).
  • Smooth – Santana ( Latin ).