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About Cadenza Music Studio

Cadenza Music Studio offers professional music lessons such as private piano lessons, guitar lessons, music theory lessons in Singapore. We are located in River Valley Road near UE Square and Robertson Quay.

We offer formal preparation for students who wish to take ABRSM Practical Exams and ABRSM Theory of Music Exams from Grade 1 to 8. We also take Diploma students.

Students who do not wish to take exams will still be taken through a progressive course of study. After the required basics, you can then go on to play the types of music that you desire.

We accept students from 4 years of age onwards. We also welcome Adult Students to our studio. For those with no playing background, we teach basics using music suitable for adults. For students returning to music study, we can prepare you for exams or teach you for leisure.

We strongly encourage all our students to take part in our Student Recitals. This gives you the opportunity to perform and build up confidence. Listening to other performers is also an important part of music learning.

Choose Your  Lessons!

Classical Piano Course

All students will be taught the same basics which include:

  • Good posture and hand position.

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Young Child Piano Course

This course is designed for 4-5 year olds and captures their curiosity for learning. The lessons will encompass:

  • Good sitting posture and hand position

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Classical Guitar

Beginner Level

  • Proper posture. Proper left hand, right hand alignment and tension.
  • Shaping right-hand fingernails for nice tone

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Rock & Pop Guitar


This course is designed to make you a versatile guitarist – proficient in playing lead and rhythm guitar in various rock and pop styles. Lessons are progressively structured around three areas of training.

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Young Guitarist’s Course

This course is designed for 6-7 year olds to prepare them for more formal study in classical and/or contemporary guitar. Lessons include:

  • Proper posture. Proper left hand, right hand alignment and tension

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ABRSM Theory of Music Exams

Music Theory lessons for individual students comprise of intensive 20 to 24 lessons for each grade and are conducted in the weeks leading up to the exam.

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Meet Our Teachers


Piano : 9234 9017

Guitar and Music Theory : 9234 9017

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What Our Students Say


I’m happy my sons are taking lessons from a great teacher like you!

Sayaka Ikeda

I take guitar lessons from Wing and my son piano lessons from Loretta. Both Wing and Loretta are dedicated teachers, keen in imparting their knowledge and love of music to us. Under their guidance, we have made progress in our knowledge and skills both in the playing of our instruments, as well as the theoretical aspects of music.

HL Yen

You taught me so much about music and I’very grateful for that. You are a fantastic piano teacher and so knowledgeable; I’m honoured to be your student.

Mandy Huey

I really appreciate how hard you worked to help me learn piano. I just can’t thank you enough.

Jodie Sun

Thank you for teaching us piano and guitar. We were very lucky to have met wonderful music teachers like you.

Lily & Yurie Yokozawa

I appreciate your effort in teaching my daughter who is very quiet and shy. Before, she did not have confidence but now she has enough music skills to practise without my help. I feel very happy to see that she has changed into an active girl.

Yumiko Furusho

Music speaks what cannot be expressed,
soothes the mind and gives it rest,
heals the heart and makes it whole,
flows from heaven to the soul.

Quote shared by piano student of 11 years

2018 Students Recital

Yukine Sogami playing Invention No. 13 by J.S. Bach and Venetian Boat Song by Felix Mendelssohn
Adi Bangalore playing Sonatina Op. 20 No. 2 by Friedrich Kuhlau

Past Recitals

Toong Houxun playing Sonatina in F major Op4. No. 2 by Heinrich Lichner
Franz Liszt Sposalizio played by Loretta Westerhout
Isabella Fernandez playing ``The Piano Playin' Chocolate Eater's Blues`` by Randall Faber
Ayaka Sato playing ``Lunar Eclipse`` by Randall Faber
Daniella Fernandez playing ``The Battle of Jericho``.